Eight criminal cases brought before judge

Judge Coen Luijks presided over a court session at the Government Administration Building in The Bottom on Tuesday morning. Civil cases were heard behind closed doors, followed by eight criminal cases presented by Prosecutor Marleen Overmeer, on which the judge ruled according to the Prosecutor’s demands. The first case involved a traffic violation – driving without a licence. Elyah O. Peterson (30) was fined US $140 for this violation. The hearing of the second case involving defendant J.C.H. (46) was postponed until February 12. The third case involved Nayanka K. Monsanto (24) from St. Maarten, who was caught importing cocaine to Saba. She was represented by lawyer Nerissa de la Rosa, and was sentenced to six months in jail, three months of which were suspended on three years probation. Monsanto would be serving jail time on Bonaire once the verdict becomes irrevocable. She will also be prohibited from travelling from St. Maarten to Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba.  Attorney De la Rosa also represented former Big Rock employee Irvin D. Koolman (20), who threatened his employer. He was sentenced to eight days in jail, seven of which were suspended on two years probation. He will also have to attend mandatory training “concerning moral reasoning and social skills.” Aneuris Hassell (22) was caught importing 107 grams of marijuana. He received three months suspended on three years probation and 60 hours community service. Part-time Saba and Colombia resident Leonard A. Hassell (76), represented by lawyer Brenda Brooks, was found guilty of possession of two unlicensed guns and a substantial amount of ammunition. He was sentenced to nine months suspended on three years probation and a fine of $4,000. The seventh case concerned Churandell R. Woods (19), who was represented by attorney Geert Hatzmann. The cased involved the decision to have Woods treated in a clinic in The Netherlands as opposed to a prior verdict, which would have had him treated in a different institution. The decision had to do with financial considerations imposed by the Dutch government. The final case involved Germaine J. Hassell (23), who was represented by attorney Aernout Kraaijeveld. The Saba-born offender, residing in The Netherlands, was caught importing 465 grams of marijuana from St. Maarten into Saba. He was sentenced to three months suspended, on three years probation and 200 hours community service. Prosecutor Overmeer said she was content that all her sentence requests were approved by the judge.

Source: “The Daily Herald” 2013-01-16